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The quaint Walton Harbour Lighthouse

I would best describe the Walton Harbour Lighthouse as quaint. It is a perfect example of the hard work and support that some surrounding communities put into their lighthouses.

As your travel along the Bay of Fundy's Minas Basin, home of the world highest tides, the Walton Harbour lighthouse is an easy one to find. Just off coastal route 215, the Walton light is a little stumpier than most but isn't without it's unique charm. The sight of the facility is the host to many walking trails, a nice picnic area overlooking the Bay, and even it's own gift shop. The light itself has a large amount of information concerning not only the history of the lighthouse, but of it's surrounding area as well.

What makes the Walton house unique however, is it's welcoming attitude. Though no staff we're present, the light was left entirely open to the public with only a sign asking visitors to shut the door when they leave. This special amount of trust made us feel as though looking after the lighthouse was partly our responsibility too, something that would benefit all of Canada's lights.

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With the light being entirely opened to the public, visitors will be able to learn about lighthouses in a way unlike any other. As you step into the building for the first time, your nose is immediately assaulted by the smell of kerosine. As explained by the extensive signage in the lighthouse, after many years of fueling the light with countless trips up and down the narrow ladders, one would expect a spill here and there. Due to this issue, the first sign you will likely notice upon entering is the one warning against smoking or causing any flame at all. While this sign may be the first you see, it will definitely not be the last, as this house holds more information that any other that I have been to visit. All left unattended by it's caretakers, solely for the benefit of those visiting the site.

Though I will remember the trustworthy supporters of the light, despite them not being there, I think I will recall the kerosine most of all. Not only do I doubt that the smell has quite left my nose, but I am now left to assume that every old lighthouse wreaks of oil inside.

Knowing what I do now, it's even more of a miracle that Nova Scotia's lighthouses have survived as long as they have.

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