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Buffalo are not a good team

Buffalo are not a good team. That is something which every fan knew going into this season. Our expectations we're low, and rightly so. No team is going to jump from the worst in the league (so bad they even lost the weighted lottery draw) to being a play off bubble team. We didn't expect that. We did not want that. If that we're to have happened, it would have set back these team years in developing the roster and building the team correctly.

However, no one expected this from this crop of players. We are a bad side. But the on-ice product is just shocking. The team is playing this utterly dull and dreary style of hockey. There is so little impetus in this team. It plays in such a contained manner. Dull hockey worked for the New Jersey Devils in their Neutral Zone trap era but we are two lockouts beyond that now. Its a shut down style that doesn't work in the NHL. Or, for teams where it might work or where we may see a defensive shut down system in place is in the playoffs. Those teams who are there all have something in common the ability to score goals. This is where Buffalo are just failing all over the shop right now.

The stats tell us everything we need to know about Buffalo right now. Averaging 1 goal per game, and 20 shots on goal per game. We have not seen stats like that ever. It shows what a huge gap this side has. We have players who will work hard for the team, but absolutely no imagination at all. Non.

Ok, pause button. Twitter is indeed a great small business resource. Just got a note from Robin at http://www.robinburrows.com and I'm actually interested! Okay, getting back to the post.

The organised style of play does help in ensuring that players learn to play properly But it gives no scope for come backs. The organisation of the team, they way they are set up is to deny the space in the middle. Which makes a lot of sense they are taking away the high goal scoring areas, forcing teams out wide to the areas where scoring percentage is lower. If, or when, Buffalo concede first though, they have little scope for being able to create a chance to get a goal back.

And it leads us fans to believe that each game is being played with one thing in mind score first and hang on, hope that the other team does not click for that game (see the San Jose Sharks game for a perfect example of that) or hope we are playing a team who s just as bad as we are (see the Carolina Hurricanes game for an example of that. They are a team who have been massively impacted by injuries and have been carrying Alexander Semin who is just phoning it in right now. And at least they have those players to come back and help improve the team with both Jordan and Eric Staal, Skinner etc fit, they can be a playoff bubble team. This team we have on the ice at First Niagara centre is the best we have right now. Bar maybe Grigorenko getting called up.). And neither way is exactly much fun.

Why can't we play a nicer style of hockey? One that allows a more expressive manner? That allows in.hockey to be played like it is fun, a game to be played and enjoyed? That is all we really want right now. An enjoyable game to watch on the ice. We do not expect miracles, we just want to enjoy our Sabres on the ice. Thats all. Give us some goals to cheer whilst we sit in the First Niagara centre. Why let us lose to zero or one goal. Would much rather see a 6-3 or 7-4 loss, to show us we have some goal scoring entertainment ability. And to help make it enjoyable, why not put players in their more natural positions? Or does that just make too much sense? Rumour has it that Girgensons is finally going to get a shot on the 2nd line. Its a well deserved shot, if you ask me. And the most sensible solution to a problem that won't be solve anytime soon.

I will mention that I originally got the thought for this post talking with Hendry from Bistro Ambrosia. Many thanks for the idea. Guess you discover inspiration in unexpected places.

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