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Wallace Harbour Front Range Lighthouse

Since 1904 the Wallace Harbour Front Range Lighthouse has guided ships down the Northumberland Strait's shallow Duck Pond on their journey to Wallace and it's surrounding communities.

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Sitting just across the water from the Fox Harbour Lighthouse, the Wallace Harbour lights work as a pair to help guide mariners into the small settlement of Wallace. The front range light sits right between Highway 6 and the edge of Duck Pond, with littleseparatingit from either. I was lucky enough to have the tide out during my stop at the tiny light. Though it was no simple task, I was able to climb out onto the rocky beach to capture the light from the waterside.

The vast amount of bushes and trees between the light and the water have caused some issues in the past, with many members of the local community coming together to have them removed. Sadly, despite the support of the community and the running aground of a few ships the prior year, in 1986 the owner of the lights property denied the Coast Guard from culling the brush.

In the pursuit of boating safety, the Coast Guard converted the lighthouse to a sector light, which improved it's visibility to those at sea. It is this modification that accounts for it's abnormal lamphouse, which is more a rectangle than a square.

Despite thedisputesand issues that this light has faced in the past, the Wallace Harbour Front Range Lighthouse still operates today. If you do choose to visit this active beacon I promise you cannot miss it, just head through Wallace on Highway 6 without blinking.

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