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Rotorua Highlights

On the North Island, the Rotorua region is a fascinating place to explore. This area has so many activities to participate in, it is difficult to know what to do first.

The odor of sulphur lingering in the air is a constant reminder that the area is alive with thermal activity. Thermal springs, mud pools, geysers, and steam vents attract visitors in throngs. People recognized the therapeutic properties of the thermal springs as far back as the 1800. Spas abound and visitors should definitely avail themselves of the healing qualities while they are in town.

Everyone that comes to Rotorua must experience the thermal springs. One of the best places to see the activity is Kuirau Park. This park has walking trails leading to areas of activity. There are mud pools that are scalding hot, steam vents that open with no warning, and crater lakes that are too hot to swim in. Tendrils of steam often shroud the park giving it an ethereal quality.

Starting out as a trout sanctuary, Paradise Valley Springs is a privately owned park that has transformed into a great animal and bird park. Pools of brown and rainbow trout, a pride of lions, deer, ducks, sheep, and a variety of other animals make their presence known. In addition to the untouched native bush, animals, and birds; this little piece of paradise bottles and sells water from it's onsite spring. The cold refreshing water is us pure enough to drink straight from the spring and is used in their coffee shop and trout ponds as well as the bottling plant.

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While in Rotorau, you simply must explore the Maori culture with a visit to Te Puia. The story telling, Maori village, the Pohutu Geyser, and cultural shows will keep you spellbound. Your guides will enchant you with their warm personalities and their ability to draw you into their world. No trip to New Zealand is complete without some exposure to the native culture since it has such an extensive influence on every aspect of life on these islands.

Whakarewarewa Forest with it's stand of magnificent California redwoods is a terrific place to pass the day quietly. Although it is ironic that Americans come here to see the redwoods, the first of these trees we're planted in 1901 in an attempt to recreate the forests that existed before the 1886 eruption of Mt. Tarwawera destroyed the forests. Redwoods we're deemed to be the most suitable to grow quickly enough in this area. The trees we're later dedicated as a memorial to members of the Forest Service that we're killed in WW1. Walkways throughout the park allow people to bike, ride horses, and walk through the forest enjoying the scenery and views.

This city has many interesting activities and you won't regret your visit here. The diversity ensures that there is something for everyone in the family and your visit will be one to remember.

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We are excited to start spring off with a bang.  Having so much fun testing out this massive slide.  Its huge and so much fun.

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