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Royale Theme for Windows XP

Royale Theme is an excellent looking theme for Windows XP created by Microsoft as well as influenced from the default theme which come with Windows Media Center.

This small software is really a solution to change many elements of your Windows XP like the title bar, the start menu and taskbar. Royale Theme appears to be a lot likes the theme in Windows Media Center 2005, however it could end up getting some very great outcomes.

The theme Installation is just a couple of clicks and you will enjoy the theme.

Royale Theme

After installation the theme, we needed to gain access the (Display Properties) and open (Appearance Tab) and simply choose the Media Center style and also the Royale color scheme.

The actual advisor up it's sleeve is the fact that Royale Theme will come like a standalone add-on, which means you will not need to install additional software alternatives to improve the style within your Windows XP.

Simply, which means a minor presence on pc solutions, particularly when convinced that the majority of programs made to change Windows feel and look might occasionally decelerate your operating system.

The theme great point

An additional great point is that it does not change any kind of system files, therefore you are safe constantly. However, you will not have the ability to remove Royale theme automatically, therefore just in case you want to remove all of the theme files, you will need to do it manually.

Generally, Royale Theme is really a wonderful and easy to use theme which is really worth your time and certainly should get a chance. A minimum of, it is freeware theme and easy to install.

I've got to give the deserved credit with regard to this post partly to http://www.thephoenixdesigngroup.com. I actually got the idea for this from I little piece I read from there site.

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