Alex’s Testimonial


Customer Satisfaction
How satisfied were you with our:
(Rank 5=Best, 1=Worst)

Booking Process: 5
Customer Service: 5
Friendliness at Event: 5
Competence at Event: 5
Promptness: 5

How satisfied were you with the following rentals?

Boot Camp: Completely Satisfied
Circus Obstacle Course: Completely Satisfied

Would you rent from us again?

Did our crew leave anything behind that needs to be picked up?

What importance were the following factors in planning your event?
(Rank 5=Most Important, 1=Least Important)

Customer Service: 4
Selection of Items: 5
Total Cost: 2
Availability of Items: 5
Company Reputation: 4

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From booking to crew set up to tear down, everyone was professional and polite. Very well done!

TSSA Licence #ADL2565

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